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Cambridge Design Technology Limited

Product Design and Technology Development Company

Cambridge Design Technology is an innovative and creative company that provides product design and technology development services to medical, scientific, technology and industrial companies that require commercial success from their development.

Benefits of these services are validated confidence in the development from start to finish, allowing our clients to satisfy their requirement for optimum design to meet their market and end user requirements.

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Medical Devices

medical devices

Core technology development of Medical Devices from spinal implant technologies to complex electro-mechanical instrumentation. Cambridge Design Technology has unique skills in intravenous drug delivery systems and fluid management.

Industrial Equipment

industrial equipment

Sometimes working in harsh industrial environments, creating robust and reliable solutions in Marine, Petro-chemical and other heavy duty sectors, we have depth of experience to meet the needs of the rugged applications of industry.

Scientific & Healthcare

scientific product design equipment

Providing innovative solutions for many scientific sectors from microscopy to fuel cell development, understanding of material and process to achieve the optimum designs is a key skill at Cambridge Design Technology.

IT & Telecoms

product design equipment

We have a long relationship with fibre optic equipment development for submarine cabling, and an extensive product portfolio in laptop storage and data/power distribution for the educational arena, and military/marine and emergency service radios.

Consumer Products

consumer products

From slot cars and trackside equipment to electrical wiring devices and photography equipment, Cambridge Design Technology has the ability to create appealing and attractive designs for the consumer market place.