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Cambridge DT & SolidWorks Partnership

Cambridge Design Technology & SolidWorks: Perfect Partnership After 25 Years

SolidWorks is among the world’s leading 3D modelling software tools.

Founded in 1993, version 1 was launched in 1995, after which the firm was soon acquired by Dassault Systems.

SolidWorks 2020 was released in September 2019 as the 28th version of this highly versatile and advanced CAD software.

3D Modelling

Rendering achieved in SolidWorks – suction device

Designer and Design Software, Hand-in-Hand

In product and engineering design, the advanced technical knowledge, design expertise and experience of the designer combined with the power of advanced 3D modelling software make an awesome combination.

CAD software is the core tool used in every project to create the design, and then output the files needed for the creation of prototype models and parts of the final device, product or technology.

What is SolidWorks?

SolidWorks is a Windows-based solid modelling, parametric computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) software programme.

As a design platform, it is used by over 2 million engineers and designers at more than 165,000 companies worldwide.

Why we use SolidWorks at Cambridge Design Technology

At Cambridge Design Technology we use SolidWorks to design complex assemblies and model advanced shapes and parts during the product design and engineering design projects we work on.

Mechanical Device

Mechanical device

SolidWorks is at the core of our design capabilities.

It enables us to model parts and assemblies, perform advanced analysis and evaluation processes and to interface with modern 3D printing and manufacturing methods directly.

Benefits and expectations

Experience tells us time and again that the key outcomes clients expect when briefing product or technology design projects to Cambridge Design Technology are:

  • Smooth and robust design cycle
  • Highly productive workflow
  • Fast time to market
  • Competitive advantage.

“The depth of Cambridge Design Technology’s engineering design expertise, our extensive experience in using SolidWorks software to advanced level and the intrinsic power of SolidWorks as an enabling technology combined have the potential to deliver significant competitive advantage for our clients.”

Jon Plumb, Founder, Cambridge Design Technology

Ongoing training and investment

Continuing innovation is at the core of SolidWorks.

Operating Table Render

Rendering achieved in SolidWorks – operating table

With 28 new versions in the 25 years since version 1 was released in 1995, the benefits of the software can only be truly harnessed by design engineers who, like Cambridge Design Technology, invest in continuing training, learning and understanding of its advanced capabilities.

For this key reason, our strategy has always been to invest on an ongoing basis in each new and updated version of SolidWorks software as soon as it becomes available.

Since 2010, each new annual version upgrade of the software has been released in the Autumn of each year in September or October, bringing with it a variety of significant new features and modules.

Hundreds of enhancements are driven exclusively by customer requirements and feedback.

Perfect Partnership: SolidWorks, Innova Systems and Cambridge Design Technology

To ensure we are fully informed on the features and capabilities that each new upgraded version of SolidWorks has to offer, Cambridge Design Technology has partnered with Innova Systems since 2004.

Innova Systems are a leading Cambridge-based SolidWorks reseller, and are regularly recognised for their outstanding skills and customer service.

Cambridge Design Technology relies on SolidWorks support from Innova Systems in four major ways:

  • Updates: Information and update seminars through on major releases of SolidWorks
  • Learning: Training and certification enabling us to exploit the full capabilities of the software
  • Support: Support as required on all aspects of SolidWorks
  • Licensing: Management of licensing and maintenance of the software.

Innova Systems LogoSpeaking of the relationship with Cambridge Design Technology, Mark Bradford, Managing Director of Innova Systems says:

“Cambridge Design Technology have always embraced new SolidWorks releases and pushed the boundaries in their use of the product. As their chosen SolidWorks support partner, we are happy to help them harness the full power of the software to respond to the dynamic and rapidly changing demands of their clients.”

For more information about Cambridge Design Technology and how we can use SolidWorks for your product or engineering design project, call Jon Plumb now on 01787 377106 or email

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