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CDT Sponsor the Anglet Beach Rugby Festival

We’re delighted to be sponsoring a team at this year’s Anglet Beach Rugby festival. Our product designer, Jack Lowe, will be taking part in the festival. We caught up with him to find out a bit more about the event.


How long have you been playing rugby?

I started playing rugby when I was 12 years old. I took a break when I went to university but continued to play touch rugby whenever I was home for the weekend.


What is the Anglet Beach Rugby Festival?

The Anglet Beach Rugby Festival is an annual event which takes place at the Sables D’or beach in Anglet in the south of France. Each year for more than 25 years, thousands of players and spectators participate in the oldest beach rugby tournament in France.

Beach Rugby, a spin off from regular tag rugby, is a fast paced version of the much loved sport but played on sand. People of all ages and abilities enter in teams of eight over the two main events, with the finals being played out under the floodlights at the end of the night.


How did you find out about the festival?

A few of the people who played touch on Saturday mornings had mentioned they had played in the tournament before and said that we should give it a go. So, in July 2019, me and eight others travelled to Biarritz in the south of France to take part in the tournament.


How was the 2019 event?

We played in 2 tournaments in total, the Tournoi Enterprises and the Trophée des Iguanes, reaching the quarter final in both tournaments. The tournaments and the festival were an amazing experience with a buzzing atmosphere. The festival is much more than just a sporting event; there’s also a DJ, numerous activities, and even an exhibition match featuring some famous current and past legendary sports stars.


You can see some of the highlights in this video: 

What’s the plan for this year’s event?

We’re really looking forward to the tournament this year as we know what to expect. It’s crazy how much harder it is playing on sand when you are used to playing on grass, especially playing against teams who specifically play beach rugby. But the experience we gained from last year’s tournament has definitely geared us up for this year, and we hope we can do as well as we did last year and much more!



Cambridge Design Technology are proud to be sponsoring Jack’s team in in the tournament which takes place 19th – 21st July. We’ll keep you updated with the team’s progress. For more information about the tournament, visit:




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