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Consumer Product Design

consumer product
One of our flagship portfolio projects has been the work done for Hornby. Scalextric and Airfix are two of the classic toys from childhood since the 50’s.

But forget the fun side of product development. Every product has to go through the rigorous development process to ensure it reaches the online shops or the shop shelves.

CE marking plays a big part in consumer design, and understanding of EMC regulations, child safety and type testing are all necessary mandatory requirements before the product can be sold to the general public.

Working on consumer products is very satisfying seeing direct results that we are making a difference. GPS dog tracking devices are a great testament that locating your lost or stolen pet can be a rewarding result of your efforts.

We have worked in several sectors including fishing, shooting, photography and golf. What we have learned, and are very good at is, that although we may not be accomplished golfers, photographers, anglers or marksmen, the Cambridge Design Technology team has the pragmatism to put ourselves in the place of the user. We ask questions, we challenge the specifications with concepts, additional features, simplification of the design, and applying many of the rules learnt in Industrial Design, we are able to negotiate many pitfalls and hurdles allowing our clients to bring successful product to market.

Using our tools, advanced surfacing and freestyle modelling we can address the complex shapes required by consumer product design. From the CAD data we produce we can then generate photo realistic CGI imagery and animations. We use our in-house 3D printing for first class sketch models, and then working with our strategic partner, Prototype Projects we can create highest quality models and working prototypes, even short run production (< 25 normally) to facilitate full product evaluation and confidence in progressing to tooling.


We also have extensive skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. This allows us to not only create product packaging, but also branding and documentation, instruction manuals, graphics.

Whatever facet of product development your product requires we have the in-house, equipment and expertise and the best strategic partners to achieve what your product deserves.

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