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Industrial Product Design

industrial equipment

Rugged, robust and reliable in harsh working environments. Just a few of the features required to make a good industrial piece of equipment.

There are so many facets of industrial design engineering that require to be mastered in the design of industrial equipment.

In our 12 year relationship with Global Marine Systems working on submarine fibre optic cabling, we have to design for equipment being sunk up to 8km sea depth. Corrosions, sealing, management of hydrogen atoms, high voltages, vibration, shock loading, thermal changes, huge compression from sea pressure (6 tons per square inch) to huge tensile loads in sinking or pulling up 8,000m of cable from the sea floor.

But the other half of the story is integrating repeater equipment into 7000km length of fibre optic cable to traverse the Atlantic. Splicing 8 micron fibres and re-establishing high tensile properties of armoured cabling takes a huge amount of fixturing, and creation of specialist tooling, from tube bending, to armour pressing and splicing tables, and the subsequent kitting trays to ensure every nut bolt and washer is assembled in order, to the correct process.

It all has to be right first time. Retrieving sunk cable is almost as difficult as getting a satellite back to earth.

With this in mind, we feel fully competent, in being able to conceptualise, design, develop and produce specialist equipment, fixtures, tools, for any environment.

Understanding of electrical safety and the machinery’s directive are all critical to ensure compliance and safe reliable usage.

Motors, hydraulics, pneumatics, enclosures, ingress protection, thermal insulation/conduction, material compatibility. High volume, low volume, simple and cheap or high value and complex, our East Anglia based team thrives on the challenges of keeping industry moving forward.

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