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Scientific & Healthcare Equipment Experience

scientific equipment design

With our experience in Medical Devices our process is directly applicable to, and overlaps with the bio-sciences and healthcare markets.

As medical science advances and people live longer, pressure to improve quality of life is ever increasing. Our MDD portfolio of projects in ambulatory, alternate site and homecare products reflects the trends for remote therapy and treatment.

We have worked on day care operating tables, and portable treatment couches. We have also worked on fixed and installed systems for homecare patient transit and manipulation.

Using ever improving technology in connectivity and machine intelligence, we are able to bring together mature technologies and new systems and make homecare and patient compliance evermore simpler and robust.

In the biosciences arena, we are able to bring together our knowledge of materials and design to create vaccine delivery systems, and fixturing, for cutting of regenerative medical tissue.

Understanding pharmacopeia issues whilst trying to develop an optimum design can be a complex challenge, but one which we are experienced in achieving.

If you have a requirement for this type of development, please contact us, as we can bring the correct expertise to the project to ensure successful delivery of the design/development brief.

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