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Telecommunications Design Experience

Telecommunications Design

Cambridge Design Technology has an extensive portfolio of clients and projects in the telecommunications sector.

In the fibre-optics field, we have worked military spec connection systems, submarine cabling repeaters and integration and demultiplexers used in high speed datacomms. These types of projects demand precision and accuracy unlike most others we have worked on in the past. Using some of the most specialist manufacturing partners in the UK, we have generated some very complex products, some smaller than a penny, some able to generate several tonnes of pressure, some accurate to less than 10 microns.

We have also worked in the educational area, providing solutions and systems for transporting suites of laptops, tablets around schools and colleges giving the students fully charged devices and wi-fi connectivity.

At the same time asset security has been developed to prevent anything from opportunist theft to a full scale attack from criminals with battery operated cutting grinding and jacking equipment. Meeting diamond and gold standards of theft prevention and integrating sensors and alarms is essential in protecting against the ever increasingly better equipped and informed thieves.

Coupled with the transport of these devices, development of desktop multipoint charging distribution units has proven a great prevention from students claiming not to be able to work due to a flat battery.

We also work closely with a wi-fi/mobile development company and working on push to talk police radios, wi-fi tagging systems and other communication devices also enhances our experience in this high tech market sector.

Working in high tech and ever progressing sectors, our East Anglia based team are able to provide high quality solutions in exciting and interesting applications. This is what we are good at and is what we thrive on.

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