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Getting Your Product To Market

Over the last few months we have produced articles which follow the design process for product development. Our previous articles have included:

This time we have produced an infographic focused on getting your product to market.

One of the most crucial elements of getting your product to market is the budgets required to see a development into production. Not only do you need to fund the design, prototyping and manufacturing stages but also the marketing of the product. Without the required budgets secured, you run the risk of developing your product, running out of money and not being able to sell it.

The most obvious place to start the product design cycle, you would have thought, would be the beginning… while this is generally true for many things, it is not always the case in product design!

The development cycle must start at the end. By starting at the end, we know how to begin, what the path to be taken and how much it will cost.

Look at our product design infographic to find out the first question we ask when we are approached to design a new product. We will then focus on one of the three potential answers to our question.

So, let’s start at the very end, it’s a very good place to start!

Getting your product to market infographic

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