Published 13th January 2016 | Latest News

Happy New Year from Cambridge Design Technology

Last week we saw lots of announcements from the annual CES in Las Vegas, always a good scene setter for coming trends of the year.CES-pics

It was bigger than ever, with over 223,000 sq meters of exhibition space and 3,200 exhibitors showing off their latest technology innovations. Among the things that caught our eye were:

  • Smart ‘everything’: from houses, to printers, toilets, cars, drones, wearables, skin patches, jewellery, shoes – it’s all going “smart”;
  • Embedded optical technologies: cameras, sensors and RFID tagging implanted everywhere, with virtual reality really growing;
  • Robots: AI robot assistants – definitely something for the future!

In general, while much of the technology has been around for a while, we’re now starting to see real refinements being made – and consequently application into consumer products.

Meanwhile here at Cambridge Design Technology we’re working on new products for leisure and fibre optics technology clients which will launch later in the year.

Got a new product idea to bring to realisation? We can bring the following to your business:

  • Product and technology design expertise
  • Project innovation and creativity
  • Time to market speed and efficiency

Please contact us to discuss your product design project on 01787 377106.

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