25th April 2024 | Blog, Product Design

Leveraging Technology in Design: AI and VR in Product Development

The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) into product creation is not only innovative; it is revolutionary. These powerful technologies are revolutionising traditional design processes, allowing designers to push the envelope and build more sophisticated, user-centred products...

24th April 2024 | Blog, Product Design

Design Thinking: A Strategic Approach to Problem Solving

Conventional linear methods of solving problems are frequently inadequate. This is the application of design thinking. It places a strong emphasis on comprehending users, questioning presumptions, redefining issues, and coming up with creative prototype and testing solutions. In this article,...

28th February 2024 | Blog, Product Design

Cambridge Industrial Design

Excellent Industrial Design helps companies create effective products. Translating insight into innovative product design solutions and remarkable user experiences.

20th February 2024 | Articles

Cambridge D.T. Helping to Promote Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust

Design of a new helicopter scale model to help with publicity for a life-saving charity. Cambridge- and Suffolk-based CAD and product design specialists Cambridge Design Technology (CDT) have just delivered their latest pro bono charitable project. The project involved the...

11th December 2023 | Articles, Medical Device Design

Balancing Aesthetics and Functionality in Medical Device Design

In the world of medical device design, the fusion of aesthetics and functionality is paramount. Our Cambridge-based design firm expertly navigates this intersection, crafting devices that are not only effective but also visually compelling and user-friendly. This article explores the...

04th December 2023 | Articles, Industrial Design

What are the 5 Key Aspects of Industrial Design?

Delve into the five key aspects that any aspiring product must navigate to be hailed as a triumph of industrial design.

23rd November 2023 | Articles

Protecting Intellectual Property in Product Design

IP protection? It's the tool kit that designers and engineers use to keep their cool creations and hard-earned success under lock and key.

27th October 2023 | Medical Device Design

Medical Device Prototyping: A Comprehensive Overview

Explore the fascinating world of medical device prototyping and delve deep into the intricate nuances and precision.

27th October 2023 | Product Design

Beyond Just Looks with Functional Design

Uncover the key to market success with functional design, its historical significance, and Cambridge's influence in harmonizing aesthetics.

05th September 2023 | FAQs, Product Design

An Expert Product Design Consultancy in Cambridge

What does it mean to partner with an expert Product Design Consultancy in Cambridge? We answer your questions.

22nd August 2023 | Medical Device Design

Innovating Technology in Medical Devices to Improve Patient Outcomes

We delve into the evolution of medical devices, how they are being integrated into medical devices to achieve improved patient outcomes.

28th July 2023 | Mechanical Design, Product Design

Optimising Performance in Mechanical Systems through Product Design

In mechanical design, what strategies can help you maximize the performance of your mechanical systems enhancing efficiency and reliability.

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