12th August 2022 | Blog, Product Design

Product Development: From Concept to Market Launch – Part 1

Taking a product from concept to market launch can seem like a daunting process. In our 2-part article, we detail how to take your dream into reality.

21st July 2022 | Blog

How Virtual Reality is leading industries into the future

Virtual Reality technology is rapidly evolving, and for many industries, helping to innovate and create new, tailored customer experiences.

20th June 2022 | Case study

Case Study: How we helped Evari Bikes go from Prototype to Market ready

We spoke with Craig McDonald, CEO & Founder of Evari Bikes, to unpick how Cambridge Design Technology helped take his dream from prototype through to market launch.

16th June 2022 | Articles, Medical Device Design

How the Internet of Things (IoT) and Medical Design is Changing Healthcare

How is this new connected world of technology changing Medical Device Design and benefitting the Healthcare sector?

05th April 2022 | Articles, Medical Device Design

Great British Medical Technology Design Innovations – Part 2

In Part 2, we look at four modern medical device design innovations to come out of the UK that have revolutionised clinical medical procedures across the work.

04th March 2022 | Articles, Medical Device Design

Great British Medical Technology Design Innovations – Part 1

We look at some of the most important advances in British medical technology design innovation for medical procedures and equipment.

04th February 2022 | Articles

How Technology Innovations in Motorsport Enter Everyday Life

Technology innovations in motorsport are constantly pushing the boundaries of design, performance in everyday life.

24th January 2022 | Blog, Latest News

Innovations in Product, Engineering and Technology Design

We reviewed the 2022 Consumer and Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, looking at the innovations of product, engineering and technology design.

08th December 2021 | Blog, Latest News, Product Design

Sustainability in Product Design: Plastic and Packaging

Plastics are everywhere from design and manufacturing, through products, packaging, transportation and delivery. How can product design help in sustainability?

26th November 2021 | Blog, Product Design

Product Design for Sustainability

From reducing, reusing and recycling, to living a more sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle, we all have things we can do to support the drive towards lower emissions.

27th October 2021 | Blog, Product Design

Medical Design Improves Home-Based Healthcare

How are advances in technology enabling and benefiting those who require home health care.

24th September 2021 | Blog, Product Design

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