24th January 2022 | Blog

Innovations in Product, Engineering and Technology Design

We reviewed the 2022 Consumer and Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, looking at the innovations of product, engineering and technology design.

08th December 2021 | Blog

Sustainability in Product Design: Plastic and Packaging

Plastics are everywhere from design and manufacturing, through products, packaging, transportation and delivery. How can product design help in sustainability?

26th November 2021 | Blog

Product Design for Sustainability

From reducing, reusing and recycling, to living a more sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle, we all have things we can do to support the drive towards lower emissions.

27th October 2021 | Blog, Product Design

Medical Design Improves Home-Based Healthcare

How are advances in technology enabling and benefiting those who require home health care.

24th September 2021 | Blog, Product Design

Cambridge Industrial Design

Excellent Industrial Design helps companies create effective products. Translating insight into innovative product design solutions and remarkable user experiences.

22nd September 2021 | Blog

How Product Design Supports Success in Sport

We take a look at how latest product designs and technology affect sports performance.

27th August 2021 | Articles

8 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Product Design Company

If you are about to choose a product design company to help you in getting a new product or technology to market, you’ll want to do your due diligence.

12th July 2021 | Articles

Video Conferencing in Product Design

Find out how video conferencing and product design go hand-in-hand to allow for collaboration across the globe.

07th May 2021 | Case study

Case Study – Ornamental Candle Cradle Design

When Mazo Candles needed a Product Design Consultancy to develop a range of ornamental candle holder cages, they turned to Cambridge DT.

15th March 2021 | Articles, Product Design

Is it Time to Re-think Your Product Development Process?

Every product manager is familiar with the classic four stage Startup | Growth | Maturity | Decline product life cycle which plots product sales against time.

26th February 2021 | Medical Device Design, Product Design

Medical Device Design Services

Step forward Medical Device Companies – Say hello to CDT’s Medical Device Design Services for your business advantage. If there was ever a time in recent history that medical advances have been at the forefront of public consciousness, the time is...

04th February 2021 | Articles

IP Considerations in Digital Health

For this month’s focus we asked Dr Fiona Kellas, of intellectual property firm Maucher Jenkins to shed some light on the complex world of patents, design protection, trademarks and contracts and licensing in the digital health sector.

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