Engineering Design and Development

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What is engineering development?

Engineering development is the ability to look at a concept design, critique the product and improve it through an empirical or iterative process to find the optimum solution. It is also the ability to analyse a design fully so as to understand what must be done to advance and enhance the process.

Engineering Design and Development at Cambridge Design Technology

As part of our engineering design skillset, our team has a full understanding of mechanical sciences, spatial layouts, materials, kinematics and a pragmatic approach to real life applications. This adds analytical and critical dimensions to our design approach.

Protocol Testing

We can undertake a full protocol testing and Validation and Verification (V&V) process to ensure the product meets acceptance criteria.

Our testing and V&V processes cover a range of environmental factors including:

This means that the testing we perform on any product or prototype is representative of its intended working environment.

Engineering Development Documentation

Having completed testing, we produce test reports and results using multimedia, graphs, data tables, videos, FEA simulations and other supporting documents.

Reports also include a summary, recommendations and “next step” action plan, providing clients with the key information on which to base critical decisions.

Engineering Design and Development

Engineering Methodology Tools

We use Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA), Misuse Modes Effects Analysis (MMEA) and Tolerance Analyses to reinforce the integrity of our designs. Structural and thermal loadings are tested using Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

These steady state simulations provide a solid basis for decision making, as well as empirically testing theoretical simulations to verify specification performance.

Tools-based testing may be accompanied by hand calculations or statistical spreadsheet analyses along with the in-built, geometry checking and clash detection within Creo® and Solidworks®.

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“CDT bring professionalism, energy and enthusiasm to each and every project. I am constantly and unfailingly impressed by how easy they are to work with” – Quadrant Equipment

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