Mechanical Design

Cambridge Design Technology is a leading mechanical design and development company in East Anglia.

Mechanical design is the design of the physical and mechanical working parts of a larger product or structure that must be assembled and work as a whole, for example an engine or pump. Examples of components that require mechanical design skills include shafts, pistons, gears and clutches. Mechanical design also requires an understanding of materials and structure, as well as principles of hydraulics, microfluidics and thermodynamics.

Advanced mechanical design tools

With advanced skills in PTC Creo® and Solidworks® 3D CAD modelling tools we can deliver intricate components to large assemblies of any specification including:

Proof of principle

To give you the confidence to continue with your development, we establish that your mechanical design concept is based on sound engineering using ‘proof of principle’ analysis and guiding you through multiple stages of prototyping.

Engineering analysis and testing tools

Using a range of analysis tools for checking geometry, motion, and thermal and structural integrity, we can engineer designs to deliver robust solutions suitable for intended use and environments.

Developed concepts are taken forward as CAD designs and honed to meet the brief, so further testing prototypes can be made using representative materials and components.

Mechanical design for manufacture

Once prototypes are validated and verified, the process to optimise the design for manufacture begins.

Production engineering often starts at the beginning of the development cycle to give full visibility and ensure the design meets specification for:

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