Production Engineering

Production engineering involves devising the practical and logistical aspects of how a product will be manufactured.

It combines elements of engineering, science and management, ranging from the types of machines, tooling, materials, expertise and automation that will be required, to the management processes needed to bring them together efficiently, cost-effectively and safely.

Production engineering at Cambridge Design Technology

Provision of drawings and CAD models to meet a product specification is only one part of the story.

Production engineering considerations must be considered from the start of the product development project, so that processes and materials required for manufacture are understood.

For this reason, Cambridge Design Technology uses design for assembly and manufacture (DFA/DFM) methodology.

Specialist supply chain partners

To ensure that costs, logistics and supply chain can all be determined early, we can bring in specialist manufacturing supply chain partners as early as possible.

This helps address material and process challenges up front, as well as providing clarity on capital and part/assembly costs.

Our partners can help define the procedures and protocols required in the manufacturing process, in order to avoid having to troubleshoot the process later.

Modern manufacturing processes

Traditionally, plastic injection moulding, extrusions, castings, machining and sheet metal fabrication processes were the main methods of manufacturing.

Today, 3D printing, additive manufacturing processes and Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) along with multi-axis CNC machining enables us to solve complex production engineering requirements far more cost effectively.

Production Engineering

Data exchange for manufacturing

Any geometry we create in our CAD models can be exported directly to machines for manufacture. We provide supporting documentation so that critical tolerances, materials and special finishes can be inspected.

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