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Sustainable Product Design

A consciousness of sustainable product design has never been greater. The damaging environmental impact of many products has been known for a number of years and so it is incredibly encouraging to see a huge shift to redress the situation.

Indeed, children are being taught about sustainability in primary and secondary schools, and there are now many degree level courses focused specifically on sustainable product design available across the country.

Here is a round up of the latest products developed with sustainability in mind.

Recyclable refill deodorant system

New York studio Visibility has created a refillable deodorant system for Myro. It uses an amazing 50% less plastic than a regular disposable deodorant.

sustainable product design recyclable deodorant

Urban wind turbine

The O-Wind Turbine, designed by Lancaster University students Nicolas Orellana and Yaseen Noorani, is made for high-density urban environments, instead of the open fields where turbines are typically placed. The turbine is the UK’s James Dyson Award winner for 2018.

sustainable product design O Wind Turbine

Carlsberg’s eco-friendly glue

Carlsberg is reducing its plastic waste by up to 76% by replacing the plastic ring wrapping used to secure multipack beers with eco-friendly glue that is strong enough to fix up to eight cans together.
sustainable product design Carlsberg eco-friendly glue

The magic of mushrooms

And finally, although not technically ‘product design’, researches from Kew Gardens claim that mushrooms have the power to eat plastic. The State of the World’s Fungi 2018 report claims the aspergillus tubingensis fungus, found in a Pakistani rubbish tip, can break down plastic in a matter of weeks, rather than years.
sustainable product design mushrooms

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