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Technology offerings for 2018

2017 was a great year for product development but 2018 is set to be the year of technology. Take a look at the top developments that have caught our eye.

Top technology offerings for 2018

Blockchain Internet of Things

IoT (the ‘Internet of Things’) is not new but the BIoT (Blockchain Internet of Things) is due to explode. FinTech digital currency and advancements in financial technologies are also due to hit the mainstream vocabulary of the media this year. Lots of exciting things there that we will be keeping an eye on.

The evolution of AR

As with the IoT, Augmented Reality (AR), is not new. Pokemon Go is example of AR that has us glued to our mobile phone screens.

Technology offerings for 2018

This year could see the evolution of AR in head up displays for glasses. Terminator-style vision, overlaying data to our everyday images, is not far away.

Also, there are advancements in VR suits that will punish you in a shoot ‘em up zombie game! Visit the BBC’s website to find out more.


A vision dreamed of by Issac Asimov 67 years ago. The Amazon and Google Home bots performed to specific instructions and told us when to do the things we are no longer capable of remembering. But how about the next gen of more intelligent bots that will tell you that you shouldn’t “spend more than £300 on your debit card otherwise you will go overdrawn” or “your taxi you ordered is waiting outside”. These omnipresent machines could be your new shoulder angels.


The incredible BBC production of the Blue Planet has brought ocean waste to the forefront of our consciousness. Iceland is already pledging to eradicate plastic from their packaging within 5 years, and no doubt when the other big players on the planet get involved, funding in materials science and food technology will explode, resulting in a glimmer of hope for our future generations.

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