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Meet the team update: Jack Lowe

Basic details:Jack Lowe - Product Designer

  • Name: Jack Lowe
  • Company Role: Product Designer
  • Favourite quote: Creativity is contagious, pass it on – Albert Einstein


What do you do at Cambridge Design Technology?

I’ve been a qualified Product Designer at CDT since 2019, and before that was in a junior product design role here. I enjoy the responsibility when it comes to managing projects, clients and the larger workload.

To start out a new project, the first steps are to understand the requirements of the product being developed, its user’s and clients’ needs and identifying the technical challenges and risks. If the product is a complex system, then the next pivotal step is to develop the workings of the design. This means creating working prototypes using our in-house 3D printer and third party companies to create models which can be fully tested in the working environment.

The aesthetics and industrial design of the product can be developed in conjunction with the production engineering aspects. Depending on the scale of production and the product material requirements, we work with manufactures to determine an appropriate method of production, and then support the client all the way until the product is into production and on the open market.


What do you like about working at Cambridge Design Technology?

I really like working at CDT because of the forward thinking and practical ‘function first’ approach when it comes to designing a completely new product that is not yet on the open market. This means lots of prototyping, testing, reworking and iterating until the end goal is reached.

One thing that I find really gratifying about working at CDT is that I get to be involved with every step of the design process; from concept development through to CAD design and production. This makes it even more satisfying when you can see how your work has gone from some concept sketches to a full product being used in real life.

As a consultancy, the variety of work that we get thought the office is amazing. From medical products, to safety equipment and consumer products, each working day is never the same. This has also helped to diversify my skillset as a full-time Product Designer as I converse with toolmakers and part suppliers to make sure that the end product can actually be produced.

From a client point view, I really like how invested the team gets with all the projects, and how we go above and beyond to not only meet the clients expectations but exceed them.

Being a small company, the working environment in the office is very chilled and easy going, which makes coming to work each day an absolute pleasure.


What’s your background?

I was born in Leeds, and grew up in Roundhay I have always been creative from a young age.

I was not always sure what I wanted to be when I grew up, and in primary school I’m sure I always said I wanted to be an architect (for some reason).

My interest for product design really started at High School as I ended up studying product design for GCSE and then followed it through to A-level.

I got an unconditional offer to study product design at Sheffield Hallam which was an amazing experience. For my third year of university, I worked at CDT for ‘my year in industry’, and after returning for my final year and securing a First Class Honours Degree in Product design, I was offered a job back at CDT.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Sports are a really big part of what I do in my spare time. I regularly play squash in the local league, while also playing friendlies as a way of staying fit. Additionally, I play 6-a-side football with my mates in a league once a week. I find that having a run around on an evening helps me feel less bad for sitting down all day at work.

I generally enjoy spending time with friends, be that going to the pub on the weekend, going to a music festival or going to the cinema.

I also enjoy kicking back and watching a good film or documentary in my spare time too.


Editors note: this article was originally published in November 2019 and has been completely revamped/republished for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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