Turnkey Product Design Solutions for OEMs

Cambridge Design Technology offers turnkey solutions for all your product design and development projects.

Through our partners, we can deliver turnkey solutions for all types of product design and development projects.

Our partners include expert firms in software and electronics, prototyping, regulatory affairs patents/intellectual property and branding/marketing services.

We can also fully integrate with our clients’ suppliers, and can audit and recommend new niche suppliers for specific requirements.

Design-to-Market Electronics

Software and Electronics

To provide software and electronics design to our clients, Cambridge Design Technology partners with DC Allen.

Since 1991, we have worked collaboratively on many successful medical device development projects in clinical nutrition, IV infusion and renal dialysis.

The DC Allen Team have extensive experience in medical device electronics and software, as well as digital signal processing, embedded microprocessor design and motor control of DC and stepper motor technologies.


Our strategic prototyping partner is Prototype Projects, offering SLA, SLS and CNC-made prototype parts.

From engineering prototypes to demonstration models, we identify the most appropriate prototype process for intended use, appearances and material. Models can range from small 3D printed parts to 5-axis machined metals to large scale fabricated and welded fixtures.

We also assess the quantities and budgets available as this can impact on the final choice.

Design-to-Market Prototyping
Design-to-Market Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

Cambridge Design Technology’s chosen strategic partners for regulatory affairs is Meddiquest, who specialise in the medical, scientific and biotech sectors.

Meddiquest create regulatory strategies to ensure that designs are compliant in all sectors globally including the EU, North and South America, EMEA and Asia Pacific.

Remedial compliance management services can also be provided to reflect changing regulations affecting existing and legacy products.

Branding & Marketing Strategy

For all aspects of branding and marketing of your new product, we recommend C4B Media, a branding and communications agency specialising in go-to-market strategies.

C4B Media offer a range of services including focus groups, market research, branding and messaging and marketing strategy workshops as well as websites and marketing collateral. Engage them early in your product development process to formulate your launch strategy.

Design-to-Market Strategy
Design-to-Market Patents and IP

Patents and Intellectual Property

If your new product includes patentable technology you will need to ensure that your patent application is comprehensive, accurate and clearly sets out the scope of protection you are seeking

The patent application process can be extremely complex and frustrating because of the level of detail required. Cambridge Design Technology recommends intellectual property firm Maucher Jenkins to assist you.

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What our clients say about us

“CDT consistently went the extra mile to make sure the product worked smoothly. They didn’t cut corners and were constantly looking for ways to improve the design. I really appreciated their hands-on approach.” – CAST Watches

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