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Industrial product development

Industrial design and development company based in East Anglia.

Industrial design is an all-encompassing term to ensure that a product’s physical form is attractive, aesthetically pleasing to look at, to hold and easy to use.

Consideration of size, form, colour are the basic elements, but it is also important to ensure that as a minimum the delivered designs are conforming to one of three styles – Classic or conservative, contemporary or fashionable, innovative or influential.

The design of a product has to pitch itself accordingly to these three styles, to ensure that the product brief is met appropriately. It may not be appropriate to have a zeitgeist design in hospital ward, where conservatism and function are a priority. Conversely, a new ground-breaking product may deserve some leading edge design to make it stand out in the market place.

Industrial design also has to encompass inclusive design.

Ensuring that the full demographic are able to use the products, is critical. Colour contrast for partially sighted users, or ergonomic designs for users with reduced dexterity or strength are key factors in proving a design to be inclusive.

Intuitiveness. This single word is key to a product’s success in today’s modern world, where instant access, reduced concentration, immediate use, and to a certain extent, disposability of a product are all elements which require a product or device to be instantly usable without having to go online or plough through an extensive manual to understand how to use it.

Understanding the brief of any product development program and employing inclusive and intuitive design in the right style, will lead invariably to a successful design.

Industrial product designCambridge Design Technology has the ability to apply all of the above to meet the client’s needs. From concept sketches to demonstration models and interim form fit and function prototypes to fully working pre-production prototypes any design can be produced to satisfy the design.

We use Keyshot® for photo-realistic computer generated imagery (CGI). This allows a product to be viewed and critiqued before it has even be made. These images and animations can be used for marketing purposes and used on digital and printed media to sell a product. How many of the images on the Cambridge Design Technology Website are CGI or traditional studio photography?


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