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Emergency Services Push to Talk Radio

Industrial design is used in the design and development of devices or products with a specific focus on their purpose, target user and environment in which they will be used. The key focus areas for the industrial design consultant are form, appearance and function, as well as the practical aspects of the product’s manufacturability.

Cambridge Design Technology is based close to the heart of some of the smartest industrial design innovations in the world.

Our approach to industrial design encompasses:

Physical form

Attractive aesthetics in style, size and colour and considerations including classic or conservative, contemporary or fashionable, innovative or influential

Environment fit

Design for intended use e.g. medical devices prioritise conservatism and function, versus stand-out, leading-edge design for new consumer innovations

Demographic fit

Inclusive design and usability for a full demographic, such as colour contrast for partially sighted users and ergonomics for those with reduced dexterity or strength


Time-poor users require instant access for immediate use, so products must be instantly usable without having to read an extensive manual

From concept sketches to pre-production prototypes

Wherever you are in your industrial design process, Cambridge Design Technology can supply the design solution to meet your requirements.

From concept sketches to demonstration models, interim form and fit to functional, advanced pre-production prototypes, we can produce any design.

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CGI visualisations

We use Keyshot® for photo-realistic computer-generated imagery (CGI), so you can view and critique your product design before committing to production.

CGI images and animations can be used for marketing and presentation purposes in digital or print media.

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