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Engineering Design & Development Services

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Expert engineering design and development company based in East Anglia

The key aspect of Cambridge Design Technology’s development program is engineering design and development.

In the role as designers of new products for our clients, we have the benefit of the train of thought during the design process, and at this point no-one knows the design better than us. Therefore we are perfectly placed to understand every aspect of the design and engineer it toward production.

Engineering development is the ability to be able to look at a concept design, and critique the product and improve it through an empirical or iterative process to find the optimum solutions.
It is also the ability to analyse a design fully to understand what needs to be done to advance the process and make it better and better.

Our team has a full understanding of mechanical sciences, spatial layouts, materials, kinematics and a pragmatic approach to real life applications. With these characteristics, we are well placed to analytically and critically approach every design we produce and provide a solution to the problems.

We can undertake a full protocol testing methodology and perform a Validation and Verification (V&V) process. Does the product meet the acceptance criteria of the specification and does the design output match the design input. When we perform testing we look at the V&V and introduce temperature, time, duty cycling, ageing, and various other aspects to ensure that the testing of any product or prototype is representative of its working environment. We then create test reports with multimedia, graphs, data tables, videos, FEA simulations and other supportingengineering design & development documents to record the results. Finally we provide a summary and recommendations and “next step” action plan. This allows our clients to be fully informed and ensure that critical decisions are made with all the information available.

We employ engineering methodology tools such as Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Misuse Modes Effects Analysis (MMEA) and tolerance analyses to reinforce the solidity of our designs.

We can also undertake simulated tests of structural and thermal loadings using Finite Element Analysis (FEA). These steady state simulations allow confidence to then make (sometimes complex and costly) prototypes and empirically test the theoretical simulations and verify the specification performance.

Using these tools and sometimes hand calculations or statistical spreadsheet analyses along with the in-built, geometry checking and clash detection within Creo® and Solidworks®, Cambridge Design Technology do not only design, but also engineer solutions.

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