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The AI robot Smartibot kit

The DIY AI robot

If you have always wanted a DIY AI robot that follows you around the house and brings you drinks and snacks, read on!

AI robot

The Smartibot, developed by Toymaker The Crafty Robot, is a build-it-yourself robot toy for children and adults. Described as the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) enabled cardboard robot, the toy will help the DIY enthusiastic become more familiar with robotics.

Working with the Smartbot app, which contains a powerful AI called YOLO, the Smartbot can see people, animals and vehicles. It can also automatically follow them without any programming.

Smartibot’s cardboard parts can be attached to most objects, including Lego or a potato, as shown on the Crafty Robot’s Kickstarter page. The circuit board, motors and battery box can be re-used to create yet another fantastic creation.

programmable AI robot

All robot, no code (although…)

The clever developers even designed this AI robot to be as simple or complex as the user wants. And the best bit? You don’t need to know how to code. The app allows the user to design custom controllers and define how the robot behaves.

AI Robots

Because Smartibot is just like other toys and runs on 4 AA batteries, other toys can be opened up and connected to Smartibot so they can be controlled from a smartphone. Likewise, Smartibot is compatible with most RC model kits.

Of course, there are some people (like us!) who would want to get the most out of such a gadget by having the ability to code. As such, the Crafty Robot team are working with “Microsoft to onboard Smartibot to the MakeCode platform, the same programming environment that is used to program the BBC Micro:bit”.

Animated AI Robot Unicorn and Vehicle

With an estimated delivery of December 2018, subject to funding, Smartibot should arrive just in time for Christmas!

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