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Cambridge Industrial Design

Excellent Industrial Design helps companies create effective products. Translating insight into innovative product design solutions and remarkable user experiences.

Industrial Design Centre Cambridge

What is Industrial Design?

The term industrial design is used to describe the process of designing products that are intended for use in a manufacturing environment. Industrial designers work with engineers, product managers and other professionals who have responsibility for creating new products or improving existing ones. The goal of an industrial designer is to create designs that meet functional requirements while also meeting aesthetic criteria such as style, form and function.

In addition to working on individual projects, industrial designers may be employed by organisations whose primary purpose is to develop new products. These firms often specialise in developing prototypes which they then present to potential customers. In this way, industrial designers can help determine whether there will be sufficient demand for a particular product before it has been fully developed. They might also assist in determining how much production should go ahead based upon market research conducted during the development phase.

Why Cambridge for Industrial Design?

With manufacturing having such a strong presence in Cambridge, it follows that the product engineering and industrial design sector is also thriving in and around the city.

The Industrial Design Engineering department at the Royal College of Art, along with the Engineering Design Centre at the University of Cambridge, provide the education platform to bring on the next generation of Industrial Designers in Cambridge.

Cambridge Industrial Design Department

At Cambridge Design Technology we are proud to be a part of this thriving sector. We look forward to working with your company, whether you’re in Cambridge or far further afield. We are excited to collaborate, drawing on our extensive experience in industrial design, to develop your product and bring it to market.

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