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Prototype Design & Development Services

Prototype designFDM, SLA, SLS, DMLS, LOM, CNC, vacuum casting, RIM moulding, 3D Printing…

A minefield of acronyms and jargon. In the last 10 years, prototyping has exploded with the commercial progression of 3D printing and additive manufacturing processes.

Cambridge Design Technology ensures that the complex world of prototyping is applied to each of our development projects. We firstly assess the goals of each prototype. What is the intended use?

  • Working Model
  • Strength Testing
  • Studio Photography
  • Field and User Trials
  • Data Collection

We work with our strategic partner Prototype Projects. Also based in the East Anglia area, Prototype Projects have built a portfolio of expertise in being able to service every aspect of product development with high quality prototypes. From engineering prototypes used by engineers to perfect demonstration models found in corporate boardrooms, fast delivery of impeccable product prototypes is the key to a successful working relationship.

Once we know the use, we will then look to choose the correct process to suit the intended use, final appearances and replication of material equivalents or use of exact materials. Prototype developmentWe also assess the quantities and budgets available as this can have a major effect on the final choice.

Once all of this is established, with Prototype Projects, we establish the material, finish, cost and timescales, and then are able to deliver a prototype to meet the needs of the client.

From 3D printed to 5-axis machined steels, and alloys, to large scale fabricated and welded fixtures, we are able to provide the solution required to meet the needs of the project.

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