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Cambridge Design Technology & SolidWorks: Perfect Partnership

Rendering achieved in SolidWorks - suction device

Rendering achieved in SolidWorks – suction device

Solidworks is the leading 3D modelling software and Cambridge Design Technology is an advanced user of this innovative software. In this article we explain why we use SolidWorks, and the importance of our support partner Innova Systems.

In engineering design, the technical knowledge and design expertise of the designer are both key, and can only come from years of experience.

Yet also underpinning the design abilities of product designers is the software they use.

The choice of 3D modelling software is vitally important. It’s the core tool that is used in every day of every project required to create the design, and then to output the files needed for the creation of prototype models and parts of the final device, product or technology.


Here at Cambridge Design Technology we’re massive fans of SolidWorks.

For those of you not familiar with it, SolidWorks is a Windows-based solid modelling, parametric computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) software programme.

It’s a very popular design platform, used by over 2 million engineers and designers at more than 165,000 companies worldwide.

At Cambridge Design Technology we specialise in product design and engineering design, using SolidWorks to design complex assemblies and model advanced shapes and parts.

We have the ability to interface with modern 3D printing and manufacturing methods direct from the parts and assemblies.

SolidWorks at Cambridge Design Technology

Cambridge DT’s Managing Partner Jon Plumb has used SolidWorks since 1995, shortly after SolidWorks Corporation was founded as a brand new CAD system provider.

Mechanical device

Mechanical device

Through his various design roles in product design consultancies – and through to today at Cambridge Design Technology – he has continued to evolve his skills through every annual SolidWorks release for the 20 years since then.

Cambridge Design Technology now has a suite of SolidWorks products sitting at the core of our design tools and capabilities. The advanced analysis and evaluation processes that we employ in our design work with SolidWorks means we are perfectly positioned to help improve the overall product development cycle and time to market for our clients.

Getting it right first time, in time, every time

For every company that entrusts the design of its products or technology to a specialist engineering design house like Cambridge Design Technology, the overriding benefits they look for in doing so are:

  • Smooth, robust design cycles
  • Productive workflow, and
  • Fast time to market.
Rendering achieved in SolidWorks - operating table

Rendering achieved in SolidWorks – operating table

For this reason, it is a strategic policy decision for us at Cambridge Design Technology always to run the latest software version of SolidWorks.

A new version upgrade of the software is released in the Autumn of each year around the September/October timeframe, and accordingly we are already running SolidWorks 2016.

The annual upgrade is often comprised of a number of significant new features and modules, but in other years may consist of hundreds of smaller enhancements – many of which are driven exclusively by customer requirements and feedback.

As with all software solutions, it’s important to have a reliable partner to introduce, interpret and train on the new features and functions of the upgraded version.

Since 2004 we have been working successfully in partnership with Innova Systems, a leading Cambridge based UK SolidWorks reseller.

Perfect Partnership: Innova Systems and Cambridge Design Technology

Innova Systems are one of the UK’s leading resellers for SolidWorks, and while not the largest, they are regularly recognised for their top quality customer service.

Investment in SolidWorks ongoing maintenance can be a considerable cost for design consultancies, and so we need to know that expertise is on-hand when needed to help us exploit the capabilities of the software to the fullest extent.

After 20 years of using the product, we’d consider Cambridge Design Technology to be “expert” users of SolidWorks, so the types of support queries and questions we have are very challenging even for the most experienced SolidWorks support engineers.

2015-11-image-1-webSo a major benefit for us of the relationship with Innova Systems is their first class support team, which is always able to help us work through any detailed and complex operational issues we encounter with the suite of SolidWorks CAD/CAE products.

The company helps Cambridge Design Technology in four main ways:

  1. Information and updates through the year on updates and major releases of the products, delivered through hosted seminars which highlight the latest features and enhancements
  2. Training and certification in using the products, helping us to make optimum use of the software
  3. Support when required on all aspects of SolidWorks use as and when needed, providing quality answers quickly to our requests.
  4. Management of licensing and maintenance of the software

Speaking of the relationship with Cambridge Design Technology, Mark Bradford, Managing Director of Innova Systems says:

“Jon Plumb and Cambridge Design Technology have always embraced new SolidWorks releases and pushed the boundaries in their use of the product. As their chosen SolidWorks support partner we are happy to help them harness the full power of the software to respond to the dynamic and rapidly changing demands of their clients.”


More information

For more information about Cambridge Design Technology and how we can use SolidWorks 3D modelling software for your product or engineering design project, contact Jon Plumb now on 01787 377106.

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