Published 17th December 2018 | Latest News, Product Design

Accessible Product Design

It’s Christmas time, and we’ve been reflecting on what a great year it’s been for the product design industry.

Here’s a round up of some recent accessible product designs:

Shiro Studio’s 3D-printed walking stick

Why should a walking stick be an embarrassment? This ENEA walking stick is the result of a long-term research project by Shiro Studio. It is designed to be comfortable to use, but also to work better for its user by being lightweight yet strong.

accessible product design - 3D-printed walking stick

Rombout Frieling’s Vertiwalk lift

Rombout Frieling has created a verticle walking system enabling less physically able people to manually lift themselves between floors in a building. The Vertiwalk lift is designed as a human-powered alternative to stairlifts. This provides an opportunity for the user to exercise as well as manoeuvre independently.

vertiwalk lift

See-Eat-Through tableware

Aurore Brard, a Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, has created tableware that features colour accents. The colour accents help visually impaired people to dish up the correct amounts of food and drink.

see-eat-through tableware for visually impaired people

Microsoft’s Xbox adaptive controller packaging

As well as launching its Xbox Adaptive Controller in May 2018, Microsoft also rethought its packaging design in a bid to make it easier for gamers with limited mobility to open.

MS Xbox adaptive controller

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