Published 04th October 2017 | Latest News

Inspiring a product designer in the making

When you get a request for work experience from a 15-year old boy, let’s be honest, you’re never really sure whether to go for it and try to inspire a young product designer in the making or pass it by!

We had such a request earlier in the year and we’re so pleased we said yes. Jayce Manning, from Stour Valley Community College, came along with an interest in design in general. As someone who was quite keen to get stuck in, we tasked him with designing something he would use in the real world.

After spending some time researching ideas and shapes, he designed his own ninja-styled fidget spinner using Google SketchUp.

inspiring a product designer in the making

Using a spare bearing from the CDT magic box of mechanical bits and bobs(!), Jayce designed the spinner around that. Once he was happy with his design, he printed it on our in house 3D FDM printer, which took 1 hour 33 minutes. To make it spin we weighted the tips of the star with nuts and bolts until we got a good running action.

Take a look at the Jayce Manning fidget spinner in action…


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