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Taking on new talent in the product design world

At Cambridge Design Technology, we love to give students the chance to learn about real world applications in design and development, and to experience the industry.

Offering paid internships, we don’t believe in making students do the washing up, shredding and photocopying – everyone takes a turn with that, even the MD.

When we take on a student, we feel strongly that they are here to learn design and should work as part of the team on real project work.

Owen Mosely and Jack Lowe are two of our most recent students.

Owen Moseley

Owen has recently gained a first class honours degree from Bristol University in Product Design. He completed a three-month internship with us back in September.

During his time at CDT, Owen was involved in a variety of projects from the design work on Milk & More to design for a washing hygiene product.

Owen is very bright, has a fantastic amenable personality, and is very eager to learn. We loved having him as part of the CDT team seeing great advancements in his output over a short period of time.

On his time with Cambridge Design Technology, Owen said: “Thank you for everything you taught me at CDT. You helped me refine my CAD skills and most importantly, my design thinking.”

Owen Moseley

Jack Lowe

Originally from Leeds, Jack studied Industrial Design at Sheffield University. He completed a year-long placement with us during June 2017 – June 2018.

Jack was a great asset to the team during his time here – a very capable and creative individual. He worked alongside the design team, and throughout his time, his contributions were recognised with him being a named inventor on a patent application for a brand new complex electromechanical medical scanning system.

During his time with CDT, it was obvious that Jack was a great fit for the team, so we made him a formal job offer. Jack is set to return as an employee on 6th August – we’re looking forward to having you back Jack!

Commenting on his time with us, Jack said: “I had a great experience working at CDT. Through a diverse range of projects, I was able to improve my skills, and even learn some new ones. This placement helped to set me up for my final year at university and the future. I can’t wait to start working with the team again in August.”


Jack lowe

A comment from Jon

Giving students the opportunity to use their knowledge in real life applications is really rewarding.

We have seen young bright-eyed students come in with only minimal CAD skills. We strip them back to the basics with initial tuition and the teach them the methods required to use the CAD tools. We repair the bad habits and reap the rewards of seeing our interns leave with significantly better CAD skills and practices than they arrive with. 

The students help us to learn too. Many of the students come with good rendering skills in creating Virtual CGI images, which is a skill that is pushed heavily at university. These skills really benefit the team here. 

Over the years, we have worked with more than 10 interns, all completing internships from three months to one year. All of them left CDT better designers, with a working knowledge of real life project work. One is a full-time employee with us, one is an associate designer to CDT, one went on to teach product design at university, three others have great jobs within the industry and another has just started their masters degree. We’re really proud of all the interns we’ve had at CDT.  

Jon Plumb, Managing Director of Cambridge Design Technology


About Cambridge Design Technology

Cambridge Design Technology is an innovative product design and technology development consultancy that helps organisations in the medical, scientific, technology and industrial sectors to realise their design requirements for commercial success.

The benefits of these product and technology design services include reduced time to market as well as validated confidence in their development from start to finish.

These optimum design services support our clients in meeting their market and end user requirements on time and on budget.

For more information about Cambridge Design Technology and how we can work with you on your next product design project, please contact Jon Plumb on 01223 662300.

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