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Design Engineering for Disasters

Life is for living but there are times when risks need to be managed. In this article we take a look at how design engineering for disasters can provide the necessary security blanket which, ultimately, saves lives.

Earthquake-proof bed

If disaster strikes in the form of an earthquake, for example, when you are at your most vulnerable, it is reassuring to see such solutions as this earthquake-proof bed.

When seismic activity is registered, the bed transforms to become a life-saving chamber. Some may find the concept of being jarred awake and dropped into the chamber a little disturbing but surely it is better than the alternative.

The wearable airbag

The World Health Organisation estimates 360,000 people drown worldwide each year. Age and gender are two of the major risk factors with children and men being more likely to drown.

Hövding launched the inflatable bicycle helmet in 2015 so it is no surprise to see a similar device designed for swimmers, this time by Ploota.

Bring your ideas to life

If you have an idea for a life-saving device or are looking for an innovative and creative company that provides product design and technology development services to medical, scientific, technology and industrial companies, please contact us to find out how we can help.

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