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Cambridge Design Technology: A Year In Review

Cambridge Design Technology was founded in March 2015 by long-time product design consultant Jon Plumb.

Having left his previous business Innovate3 after 13 years, Jon set up his new business to provide an all-round product and technology design and development solution for innovative businesses in Cambridge & East Anglia wanting to take their ideas from concept to production.

Today, the team of Jon, Myles, Rob, Julie, Anne, and James (our intern) offer a rounded core of skills in industrial design, mechanical development and production engineering.

The team is completed by Tim, Gerald and Neil, who provide Electronics and Software development, hydraulics and electrical engineering and regulatory affairs advice for complex developments in highly regulated industries.

“The 12 months since starting out with Cambridge Design Technology have been a hugely exciting journey of success and discovery,” says Jon.

“When we started out I could never have expected that we’d work with such an amazing group of clients on such exciting projects.”

Here are a few highlights from the last year selected to showcase our range of sector specialisms:


Jon and Gerald worked on some very complex industrial tooling incorporating newly developed mechanics and PLC software control of hydraulic systems.

We have undertaken both proof of principle and concept development work, and are currently in the engineering phases.

In addition we’re working on a new undersea cable integration tool to replace a legacy manual process which was originally patented in March 1912.

We have created a new design of push to talk police smart radio for ARL mobile as shown below.

 push to talk radio design  police smart radio prototype  new design police radio


One of our designs developed for Therapy Equipment Ltd was released onto the commercial market in 2015.

It is an integrated flowmeter/suction device for hospitals, shown below.

medical flow meter suction device

Integrated flowmeter/suction device

injection mould tool

Injection mould tool for the SOS flowmeter unit


Jon, Jens and James have been working on a new product range for Airfix which is due for release in Winter 2016… watch this space.

 CDT Airfix  CDT Hornby

In the pipeline

We have current projects in the Fishing, Golf and Hair Care sectors underway for a varied and exciting list of clients. More announcements as they come to fruition.

Other stuff

Our design team has produced some stunning results in industrial design, finite element analysis, mechanical design, product concepts and production engineering.

In case you missed them, we also released some useful and informative articles on a range of design related topics which can be found here or on our blog:

January 2016: Finite Element Analysis – Predicting the Real World

When designing products and components, it is vital to ensure that their integrity and reliability within the bounds of ‘normal usage’ will not be compromised. Alongside product and technology design processes, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can be used to model how product structure and will respond to stress, and from this to predict any possibility of failure. Read more…

October 2015: Use of Hazards Analysis in Product Engineering & Design

The safety of a product is always a core element of any product design and development process, and it is an increasingly heavily regulated area. The process of ensuring product and technology safety for the intended end user is called Hazards Analysis. It covers not just the direct, every day and intended use of the product, but also any possible unusual or abnormal use. Read more…

May 2015: Freestyle modelling – a Faster Route to Stylish Conceptual Design

Freestyle Modelling is an emerging modelling methodology with its roots in the sort of sub-divisional surface modelling traditionally used by gaming and animation designers. It is now being used in the solid modelling environment. In this article we look at the latest extension to Creo Parametric which adds FreeStyle Modelling capability to this already established tool. Read more…

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