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Cambridge Design Technology & PTC Creo Parametric

Update: check out our more recent blog about the newer 7.0 version of PTC Creo.

Last year we wrote an article about our solid partnership with 3D modelling vendor Solidworks – you can find it here.

explodedThis time we’re trumpeting the benefits of another, but very different, 3D modelling application called PTC Creo Parametric. We source this through Root Solutions, a company whom we’ve worked with for many years.

To quote Root Solutions, “PTC Creo Parametric is a scalable, interoperable parametric solution for maximizing innovation, improving quality in 3D product design and delivering faster time to value”.

Here at Cambridge Design Technology we have been using PTC Creo since 1992, back when it was known as Pro/ENGINEER. So, not only do we think of ourselves as advanced users; we’re also an advocate of this tool which is essential to our business.

In this article we explain why we use PTC Creo, share some highlights of the much anticipated release of version 4.0 of Creo and talk about the importance of our long-term partnership with Root Solutions.

PTC Creo Parametric

PTC Creo Parametric is one of the original and leading CAD packages. Used in many different industries around the world, it is one of the standard tools of 3D product design.

The software allows designers to create 3D models, enabling them to see how different elements of the product fit together and then carry out stress analysis testing.

As designers, we want to be able to explore and develop the aesthetics of the models we’re working on using different shapes, forms and functions. PTC Creo is sophisticated enough to allow us to do this and helps us ensure that products can meet industry and company compliance standards.

It’s an integrated, parametric, 3D CAD/CAM/CAE solution which helps us work smart and fast, resulting in a quality end product for our clients.

Using design software that pushes boundaries in turn means that we can also push boundaries in our product and technology design for clients.

The power of Creo and its advanced surfacing, is that it is capable of A-class automotive grade surfacing, which, by default, can be the most complex organic geometry. This is something lower end packages simply cannot do.

PTC Creo Parametric screenshotPTC Creo has a number of integrated advanced applications that we find particularly useful, such as:

  • Unite – which allows us to open and manipulate multi-CAD files
  • Flexible modelling – means we can modify geometry with no history
  • Freestyle sub-divisional modelling – ideal for rapid freeform surface creation and concept generation, this application gives the freedom to innovate with new, seductive designs!

At Cambridge Design Technology we’ve recently started using KeyShot software, also from Root Solutions. It means that we can create high quality photo realistic renderings and animations. It complements PTC Creo nicely. More on KeyShot in the future.

PTC Creo 4.0

As we write, we are eagerly awaiting the release of Creo 4.0. According to PTC the next release, expected by the end of 2016, will address a number of key themes:

  • Model-Based Definition – a clear move away from 2D to 3D enabling accurate annotation of a model in your 3D environment
  • 3D printing – there will be capabilities specifically to help optimise parts for 3D printing
  • Productivity improvements – with a new mini toolbar and geometry-based selection, how you interact with your model is also set to improve

If you’re as excited as us, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts – we’ll let you know when 4.0 is released!

PTC Creo at Cambridge Design Technology

2016-08-concept-01-007We’ve talked about PTC Creo Parametric in some detail, including the imminent new release. Now let’s look at PTC Creo at Cambridge Design Technology.

Creo is our CAD system of choice – our preferred tool – for the numerous reasons already given. If a client is not a Solidworks client, the work will always be done, by default, in Creo.

It’s powerful. It’s robust. It’s intuitive. It’s… we could go on but you get the picture!

The fact that we’ve been using PTC Creo for over 24 years says a lot.

One of the most important factors for us is that PTC Creo allows us to create designs for our clients quickly. Even if you have protected the intellectual property of your new product or technology, it’s still important to ensure you are ahead of the crowd and not just along for the ride. Delays in design, development and production can affect how successful, and therefore profitable, a product will be. PTC Creo enables us to work efficiently which, in turn, directly benefits our clients.

Root Solutions and Cambridge Design Technology

PTC Creo Parametric screenshot 2As you will know from some of our previous articles, we work with a number of partners that complement our services. Our previous articles have included:

  • The role of and technologies available for Prototyping of new product designs
  • Protecting your Intellectual Property with patent law
  • Using SolidWorks CAD software to create the product design

As is generally the case with many of our other partners, we have enjoyed a long and fruitful working relationship with Root Solutions since 2002.

In addition to Creo Parametric, Root Solutions offer a variety of PTC software solutions including:

  • Creo Illustrate for technical manuals/service guides
  • MATHCAD for engineering calculations
  • Industry leading PLM system, Windchill, for managing product data and all elements of the product lifecycle.

For over 24 years Root Solutions have been helping their 600+ customers – product designers in industry and consultancies such as ourselves. They have PTC-accredited platinum status, meaning they offer the very highest levels of service, support and PTC-certified training.

The support offered ensures we can exploit Creo’s capabilities to their fullest. We have confidence in Root Solution’s ability and know that there is friendly support at the other end of the phone or email if technical assistance is needed.

To keep up to date with the latest software enhancements and innovations, we regularly attend Root Solutions’ customer events. Not only is it a great way to network, it’s also important in gaining an insight into industry trends.

We are always keen to learn about new features within the software and Root Solutions provides us with regular updates as well as product demonstrations. This means we can offer our customers the very best service.

Speaking of their relationship with Cambridge Design Technology, Roger French, Managing Director of Root Solutions says:

“I have seen first-hand some of the excellent design work they do for other customers of ours across the UK who hold them in very high regard. That strong reputation has been well earned by Jon and his colleagues at Cambridge Design Technology and we are delighted to be their support provider for PTC Creo.”

More information

For more information about Cambridge Design Technology and how we can use PTC Creo Parametric for your product or engineering design project, call Jon Plumb now on 01787 377106 or email

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