24th March 2017 | Articles, Product Design

7 Characteristics to Look for in a Product Design Partner

Innovative companies of all sizes with a new product or technology idea or a concept need to go through the process of design, development, testing and market readiness. Along the way, many such companies, particularly entrepreneurs with funding but little...

14th December 2016 | Articles

Cambridge Design Technology’s 2016: A look back – and a look forward

As Christmas beckons and the curtain begins to fall on 2016, it’s time for Cambridge Design Technology to reflect on the year – and what a year it’s been! Here at Cambridge Design Technology, we’ve been creatively solving our clients’...

07th December 2016 | Latest News

Getting Your Product To Market

Over the last few months we have produced articles which follow the design process for product development. Our previous articles have included: The role of and technologies available for Prototyping of new product designs Protecting your Intellectual Property with patent law Using SolidWorks CAD software to...

27th September 2016 | Articles

Cambridge Design Technology & PTC Creo Parametric

Update: check out our more recent blog about the newer 7.0 version of PTC Creo. Last year we wrote an article about our solid partnership with 3D modelling vendor Solidworks – you can find it here. This time we’re trumpeting...

30th August 2016 | Articles, Latest News, Product Design

Electronics and Software in Product Design & Development

In this latest article in our series which examines the services and technologies that complement – and are critical to – commercial product design, we’re going to look at software and electronics design and development. Our previous articles have covered:...

22nd June 2016 | Articles, Product Design

Prototyping and Design: Hand in Hand Concept Development

The latest in our series of articles looking at complementary services to the product design is on Prototyping. By the way, if you missed our earlier articles you can find them below: Using SolidWorks CAD software to create the product...

27th May 2016 | Articles, Product Design

Virtual Reality: representing opportunities for product development

Never one to shy away from technological developments, we had a finger firmly on the pulse of virtual reality recently. Courtesy of VR gaming company, Fragers Ltd, who offer portable VR booths and double decker gaming buses, we left the...

17th March 2016 | Latest News

Cambridge Design Technology: A Year In Review

Cambridge Design Technology was founded in March 2015 by long-time product design consultant Jon Plumb. Having left his previous business Innovate3 after 13 years, Jon set up his new business to provide an all-round product and technology design and development...

19th February 2016 | Articles, Latest News

Finite Element Analysis – Predicting the Real World

Overview When designing products and components, it is vital to ensure that their integrity and reliability within the bounds of ‘normal usage’ will not be compromised. Alongside product and technology design processes, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can be used to...

13th January 2016 | Latest News

Happy New Year from Cambridge Design Technology

Last week we saw lots of announcements from the annual CES in Las Vegas, always a good scene setter for coming trends of the year. It was bigger than ever, with over 223,000 sq meters of exhibition space and 3,200...

19th November 2015 | Latest News

Cambridge Design Technology & SolidWorks: Perfect Partnership

Solidworks is the leading 3D modelling software and Cambridge Design Technology is an advanced user of this innovative software. In this article we explain why we use SolidWorks, and the importance of our support partner Innova Systems. In engineering design,...

21st October 2015 | Articles, Product Design

Use of Hazards Analysis in Product Engineering & Design

The safety of a product is always a core element of any product design and development process, and it is an increasingly heavily regulated area. Ensuring that any potential hazard associated with a product’s use – either through product failure...

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