24th January 2018 | Latest News

Top gadgets from CES 2018

Engadget have pulled together this great video on what they believe to be the top gadgets from CES 2018. Top gadgets from CES 2018 Not got time to watch the video? Here’s a quick overview of Engadgets’ winners and their products:...

24th January 2018 | Latest News

Technology offerings for 2018

2017 was a great year for product development but 2018 is set to be the year of technology. Take a look at the top developments that have caught our eye. Top technology offerings for 2018 Blockchain Internet of Things IoT...

12th December 2017 | Latest News

Made in Britain: industrial engineering

Two fantastic videos showing how ‘Made in Britain’ used to be! Made in Britain: industrial engineering of gold leaf This first video shows the making of gold leaf from the beating and rolling of gold bars. It’s amazing to see...

12th December 2017 | Articles

Made in Britain? Not necessarily but it could be…

Proud to be made in Britain In the post war years, Britain’s standing in the world as number one manufacturer was undisputed. Everything was adorned proudly with “Made in England”. This stamp of origin was not only commonplace, but synonymous...

15th November 2017 | Articles

Rube Goldberg Machines: simple but effective

We are absolutely fascinated by these incredible Rube Goldberg Machines – such masterpieces! A Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, Goldberg was best known for his zany invention cartoons. We’re sure his engineering degree is behind all of this! Bringing the principle of creating a...

14th November 2017 | Latest News

A guide to E-drawings® CAD Viewer App

Please take a look at our guide to downloading E-Drawings® CAD viewer. E-drawings® is a free app allowing users to open a variety of CAD files in multiple formats. Any native CAD files from SolidWorks, Creo (Pro/ENGINEER), CATIA and Autodesk...

14th November 2017 | Articles, Latest News, Product Design

From Concept to Prototype Part 2

In our last article we looked at taking a brief through the concept phase to a CAD design ready for prototyping. Here is what happens when we send the concept to prototyping.   Prototype Phase We sent Jack Lowe, our...

08th November 2017 | Articles, Latest News

Simpsons of Langley case study | Professional Dog Dryer

The Simpsons Story Simpsons of Langley are a UK-based company specialising in the manufacture, distribution and retail of professional pet care products. The family-run company, which was founded in 1960, is regarded as a market leader in the design and...

04th October 2017 | Latest News, Product Design

Inspiring a product designer in the making

When you get a request for work experience from a 15-year old boy, let’s be honest, you’re never really sure whether to go for it and try to inspire a young product designer in the making or pass it by!...

04th October 2017 | Latest News, Product Design

From Concept to Prototype – Part 1

In this article we showcase the first part of a typical project going from concept to prototype.   Concept Phase The customer brief is singularly the most important document we require from our clients. The brief or product design specification,...

13th September 2017 | Latest News

The unreliability of designing from memory

Have you ever wondered what the results would be if you were designing from memory? An artist has done just that and the results were certainly interesting. They asked people to draw a bicycle from memory and then rendered the...

24th March 2017 | Articles, Product Design

7 Characteristics to Look for in a Product Design Partner

Innovative companies of all sizes with a new product or technology idea or a concept need to go through the process of design, development, testing and market readiness. Along the way, many such companies, particularly entrepreneurs with funding but little...

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